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Can anyone identify this monument/memorial this young sailor is standing on? There appear to be two small US flags behind him as well as cannon balls at its base. The sailor, Watson Clark from Red Oak, AL, was on the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga CV3 which entered Pearl Harbor about a week after it was attacked on Dec. 7, 1941. The picture was likely taken in the late 30s or early 40s.

Elliot-Manning house 5 th Ave

The Elliott-Manning house is now gone and this lot is empty. The lot is southwest of the hospital (diagonal from hospital block on the south side of 5th Ave). Manning’s Landing on Lake Jackson is 365 yds behind this house. The camellia bush in this picture on the left of the steps still stands and lives on the empty lot.


The only information we have about this picture is that on the back it says “Miss Paul’s picnic group”.


Booth house. South 5th St. The Hughes mansion is in the background



Early Florala City School (date unknown). Help us identify where this school was located. One guess is that it was the school located at the current Greenwood cemetery. A school was located there on the AL-FL state line so that it could be used and supported by both AL and FL.

The pictures above show a poster of Florala business advertisements. The date is unknown, but may be around 1911. We are unsure how these posters were used but they were possibly posted around town on special occasions such as the June 24th Masonic celebrations. Click to enlarge to read.


This is not Florala, but Auburn AL, Apr 6, 1942. It shows Toomer’s corner. Toomer’s Drug store is the building on the right. Toomer’s trees are just outside of view in this picture to the right and left. Note the “Auburn Grill”. Many from Florala went to Auburn for an education. A lot of young people came during the war years to learn trades to assist in the war effort.

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