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Yes my grandfather always drove a chrysler.  I remember him getting the new push button  chrysler when I was a kid.  He loved Alabama football, he graduated from U. of Ala.  and was so proud of that. He also loved to fish.  He had a small motor boat that he and my grandmother use to go out in. She loved to fly fish too.  My mother (my grandmother’s only child) Miriam Louise Dollar married my dad during the war II and moved to Wallingford, CT (after he was discharged from Edglin Field Airforce base . My dad (Corkey) Amerigo Gerace was from Wallingford , CT . My mother, Miriam had 3 children, me, Rebecca Irene Gerace (now DiStasiio) born at Edglin Field, Florida, Irene after my grandmother.   (Billy is his legal name)Billy Carlton Gerace, Carlton after my grandfather, Jack C. Smith and my younger brother, James Amerigo Gerace . Both my brothers, Billy and James were born in New Haven, CT
Grandfather built this house in late 1949 and moved in June 1950. — Jack Carlton Smith
Grandfather died in February l975 and Grandmother on January 1, 2002 — Irene Emma Williams Dollar Smith
My father died in August 2001 — Amerigo ( Corkey )
My mother died in March 2008 — Miriam Louise Dollar Gerace


  • By Scott Toth, September 7, 2017 @ 5:39 pm

    I was going through my grandfather’s papers, and found this during a search. Anthony Gerace married my grandmother before I was born. Anthony, Sketchy as he was affectionately called,was related to your dad. I remember hearing the name.

  • By Max Baker, September 9, 2017 @ 9:01 pm

    Can you provide more lineage on Anthony Gerace? He sounds like an interesting person.


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