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Florala National Guard – Fort Barrancas, Pensacola, FL

The Florala National Guard went on maneuvers before WWII. These pictures appear to show a military group trip to Ft. Barrancas near Pensacola, FL. Some of the men are in their teens, so it may be an auxiliary or youth group. One photo is labeled 1937 and some others 1936. It may have included many men who fought in WWII. The encampment and convoys are larger than could be mustered from small town Florala. This suggests that the troops (Batteries) were from many areas. Some of the camping photos may have been taken at Camp Blanding near Jacksonville, FL. Any information regarding these photos will be appreciated.

Back of the photo above







On the back of this picture it states that the Pensacola harbor can be seen in the distance (it can’t be because of not enough contrast). Therefore this picture looks east from Ft. Barrancas.





Charles R. Baker of Florala, AL





Barracks C.M.I.C. Fort Barrancas, FL

Barracks #2, C.M.I.C. Fort Barrancas FL, Battery A. 8/16/36

Battery E  C.M.I.C 1937



View of Pensacola Bay from Ft. Barrancas, 1937.


Most likely these are pictures of Pensacola Beach


Does anyone know this man?

Boat (the Major Albert G. Jenkins)  on arrival after fishing trip. Ft. Barrancas wharf. 8-16-36


It is not known where this levee is located.

A coloration of one of the convoy photos.

After the war… these are pictures of Pensacola Harbor in 1946. Many ships are “coming home”.



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