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Everritt Family Photos

These photos were contributed (May 2012) by Terry Everritt, descendent of Malley Everritt of Florala: “My Great Grandfather was James A.K.W. Everritt. He was one of the early preachers of the Primitive Baptist Church in Lockhart, Florida. His sons and daughter grew up and started families in Florala. The church as you probably know is still standing at least is was the last time I was up that way. The photos attached show the Family Home, two photos of a class notebook from┬áKanzadie Ferguson Everritt (my grandmother) from her Domestic Sciences class. She graduated CCHS (Covington County High School, located in Florala) in 1918; Zadie’s class photo from CCHS. Malley Everritt (my great uncle) driving the girls around in his Kissel Kar (one of the first cars in Florala), and last but not least the train taken in Lockhart”.

Early school class in Florala. Zadie in class, left under window.


Malley Everritt driving some ladies in Florala in a Kissel car, one of the first cars in Florala,

Locomotive in Lockhart. Malley sitting in conductor’s window.


JWK Everritt home in Florala

James Kindred Everritt’s kids

1896 JWK Everritt and family



Everritt family Photograph. Florala, AL, contributed by Bridget P.

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