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Whigham-Powell Family Pictures

The pictures on this page were provided by Andrew Lipscomb, a descendant of Simon Edgar Whigham (1865-1936) who served as a Florala policeman. The Whighams had a farm in Laurel Hill.

The Florala Hotel may have been located near the L&N Depot on 5th or 6th St.


The picture above  is of the intersection of 5th St and 5 Ave (Jun 24, 1910). The building is the Florala Pharmacy building. Upstairs in the building is the Florala Telephone Co, which explains all the wiring seen. Notice the two automobiles behind the horse and wagon. There was a well in front of the Florala Pharmacy  (below). Later a fountain was placed in this intersection near the center. Below, a horse and rider on 5th St by the Florala Pharmacy (the following two pictures are from Ray/Eiland).


Manning Bailey. Manning worked for the Jackson Lumber Co in the forests. He is wearing high top boots to prevent snake bites.




“First car in Florala” – Whittingdon (l), Edgar Whigham (r). Given that a backdrop is provided for this picture, this car may have been displayed in a traveling exhibition.


This picture shows South 5th Street at the 24th of June Celebration in 1910. Note the train that crosses 5th Street. There were two sets of tracks that crossed 5th Street, the closet was the Central of Georgia. The train is on the southern-most track meaning it is the L&N railroad. It is stopped at the L&N depot which is now the Florala Historical Society museum. The building on the right is the Florala Pharmacy building.

5th St in 2010 for camparison


A store in Florala. Note the Powell-Collins hardware store on the right. “Lamar Britton Merc” is written on the pillar to the left.


Above- Wagon shop, believed to be located on north 5th St Florala. Pictured – David Parker Powell (1892-1928, Crestview Cemetery) and D.Thomas Seale (married Minnie Dell Whigham, 1891 – 1911, daughter of Edgar S. Whigham). Minnie Dell is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in the Whigham-Powell plot.

Alvin B. Powell (1887-1934) worked for Swift & Co. He is pictured with his “company car”, possibly taken in Florala or Laurel Hill. The emblem on the car door is the Swift &Co logo – An “S” with an arrow over it. The logo above is on an old Swift & Co plant and is the same as on the automobile door. Swift & Co was a meat processor company.

Ida Whigham Powell (1889-1971), Simon Whigham, Eliza Jane Whigham, Reba Powell Barrineau (1908-1995, Andy Lipscomb’s mother’s sister).

AB and Ida Powell. Both Alvin B. Powell and Ida B. Whigham Powell are buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

A.B. Powell, ca 1910, Florala, AL

Ida Whigham Powell

Simon Edgar Whigham in Laurel Hill, FL drawing water from the well. Simon Edgar Whigham lived from 1865 – 1936 and is buried at Greenwood.  Eliza Jane Both Whigham (1869 – 1939) and is buried next to Simon Edgar.

Simon Whigham’s barnyard, Rte 1, Laurel Hill, FL

Thomas Seale and Simon Whigham – Fish caught at Lake Jackson, Florala AL

Whigham farm at Laurel Hill – Children’s Home

Alvin B. Powell on the sidewalk in front of the Flatiron Building.

Thomas William Whigham (Simon and Eliza’s son) lived from (1892 – 1964).  He is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

Carl Howe, Bill Middleton, Will Mantley (r). Estimated date of picture is 1920-1925.

Eliza Jane Whigham’s home in Florala, AL

Help us identify these people below. The pictures are associated with the Whigham and Powell familes of Laurel Hill and Florala,

Unknown meeting of men

An Asian man is seated, 2nd from right-1st row, in the picture above. Its possible that this man is Loo Young Sing who had a laundry in Florala near the L&N depot.

Chinese laundry ad in Florala


  • By Robert, April 23, 2011 @ 10:29 pm

    Do you have any information on the interstate Chatuauqua that took place in Florala?

  • By Max Baker, April 24, 2011 @ 8:50 pm

    I don’t have specific information on that meeting, but if you go to this website, there is some information on Chautaugua programs in Florala.


  • By Steven Seale, January 9, 2014 @ 5:14 pm

    My Father was Thomas Daniel Seale. The picture above would be a picture of his Father or Grandfather perhaps. They are standing in front of the wagon shop which may have been the birthplace of the “Seale Wagon Company” of which I have a copy of the flyer/news paper ad that was run to advertise them for sale. The wagons were touted to be very strong and rugged and of very high quality. I (and my siblings would be very interested in anything known about our great grand parents including Minnie Dell Whigham, who would therefore be my great grand mother.

    Steven Seale
    Atlanta, GA

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